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What's the Name of the Game?

Posted Jun 2018

Caricature. Isn't the name of the game Exaggeration? Isn't that what Caricature means??

Well, not really. The name of the game ~ when I have a Job ~ is to give the Buyer what he wants. Or rather ~ what he thinks he wants to have ~ and therefore what he orders.

My next Client told me to 'draw a little less exaggerated this time'. So that's what I will do. Even though I know that my Exaggerated Caricatures are super appreciated. Even though I know that the Party gets more lively when I'm drawing Exaggerated pictures. Super exaggerated. The more exaggerated, the better. And the Artwork is so much better when an Artist can really exaggerate. Shows so much more than eyes, nose, mouth. Shows more emotion, more feeling.

To prepare, I tried it out on a picture that I chose at random from elsewhere on this blog.

Oh, this is too good. I decided to draw an Exaggerated picture first. This is great! Then, I reined myself in. Filled in the 'face' blanks, and drew a 'less exaggerated' picture like I will try to do at my next gig. I guess it looks okay. And my client, not knowing what I can Really do, would probably think that this tamer picture Is exaggerated.

Ick. I've worked so long to be able to make the More Exaggerated picture. That's much more evolved. Much more Advanced. I hope that 3 Hours of the simpler pictures won't ruin me. I hope I won't feel too sad while I'm drawing them. I hope I will be able to bounce back after the party.

I will try to have a good attitude about this. Like it's just one more experiment. To see how people really respond, and how it really feels, to work like this.

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