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Learning Something New

Posted May 2019

Another thing that I do every day besides Caricatures is to open the Bible. Actually, I do that 2ce a day.

Lately I've been going through the New Testament ~ writing only the Words of Jesus. Without trying for any special Calligraphy, my Handwriting just naturally took on different styles over time.

Like the first one here ~ when I was writing slanted and stretched. I ended up developing a different placement on the lines to deal with those hangy-downs that get in the way when you're writing on the next line.

And the 2nd one here ~ when I wanted to make my letters tall and thin (tired of the wide stretched outs), so I ended up making the short letters shorter. So the tall parts would look taller in comparison.

I hurt my right wrist on Tuesday, so I started writing Lefty. Even though I'm pretty much all healed up, I am still writing my Bible words Lefty. I like the way it's slowing down my writing. Still trying to figure it out today, I ended up turning the notebook over tonight because I felt like the lack of confidence in my strokes might be caused by the way I hold my left hand up in the air ~ It's different than the way I rest on my right wrist (uhoh?). Anyway, the notebook's binding got in the way of my pen-grip ideas, so I had to turn the notebook over.

Finished with tonight's Bible study, I turned my attention to Artwork. I probably just need Time writing with my Left hand (I've been writing Righty for Many years already), but while doing that, I figure it's also a good idea to practice.

As always, there are so many different directions you can go when you are learning something new.

Trying to learn to write Lefty, the first thing I did was to draw some lines with my Left hand. So easy, I printed some letters. Easy.

Figuring that the awkwardness in my Lefty writing was because it's harder to make Curves, I then tried some standard loops.

Then circles.

And I was easily able to write the letter a in script.

The problem came when I tried to connect it to another script a. By the end of the page, I was learning my cadence. It makes a difference when to pause (when I turn down from a point) and when to change speeds.

Moving on to the letter b, I understood the timing already, and I was able to get right in to it.

But can I do it smaller? Like to fit on the lines in a college-ruled notebook. Not good. Yet. I'm feeling like it has something to do with whether or not I can See the part of the word that I wrote already. I feel like that's why Lefties turn their hand over the top of the writing. Which changes everything I've been doing already. But that puts me back at square-1.....

Who know what I'll work on the next time I get a chance to try this.....

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