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The Man Down the Street

Posted 31 days ago

I haven't been drawing much lately. Very few jobs since Pandemic. So I've been spending my time doing things I didn't get much time to do when I used to draw at so many Parties and Events. Like Yay ~ Drumming! My latest thing.

So we were talking about what it feels like to be really drumming compared to pacticing drumming. It's much like the difference between really draiwng compared to theory and technique.

I mindlessly picked up a Crayola marker to illustrate my point, and I draw this picture of a man that I saw out the window for a flash of a moment. He was all the way down the street.

Aaah ~ It felt Great! Reminded me of why I like to draw. In the Zone. Exaggerating naturally to get the feel of what I see. I miss work. I miss my jobs

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