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a Video of my Drawing

Posted 12 days ago

Oh my goodness. This is the first time I ever tried to export a video from my IPad. To try it, I just made a little Caricature of the Actor, Heath Ledger.

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Warming Up in January

Posted 17 days ago

I want to practice my Drawing at home so I'll have extra insights when I'm drawing at Events. One extra Caricature per day for the whole month that has nothing to do with any of my jobs. So I plan on drawing random Celebrities during the first month of this year. What I started out to do was to quickly grab any One Reference Photo of a Celebrity online ~ whether I know what the person is supposed to look like or not, and then I will use any Supplies nearby ~ whether they are dried out or not, and I will draw quickly Without any sort of a predraw. The first one I drew was Freddie Mercury.

First day, I already learned something new. I learned that the Silver Colorstick lightens the Black Marker lines. Good to know ~ as though I'll ever have a Silver Colorstick around after I use it up at things like this. Did you know that my Favorite Silver Colorstick can Only be purchased as one in a big set of 50 other Colors? That means I have to spend about $75 every time I want One small Silver stick.

But by the 2nd day, I already dropped my 'rules'. This is my Time Off. I drew a quick-cac again ~ Kurt Cobain ~ and then I just exaggerated it some more and made a bright picture using my beloved IPad. What I learned this time is that I like the quick-cac better ~ because it looks airier. The heavy red background in the bright picture feels too solid. I like a picture that can breathe.

The 3rd day, I didn't want to spend my time off rushing through quick stuff at all. Not the IPad either. This time I tapped in to an old technique of using Colored Pencils. Midnight, I stopped wherever I was at. And what I learned by looking at these pictures (the blue one is Step 1, and then I continued on the same picture starting to flesh-it-out) ~ what I learned was the same thing as the day before! It's better to leave Spaces in pictures. The blue one looks better because I hadn't yet strangled the brown of the paper which would have been fine in a finished picture. If I ever chose to finish this.

I guess it's a good thing that I don't have a lot of time for most of my Professional work. Gotta draw fast at Parties and Events without second-guessing yourself. So there's no time to strangle them.

Robin Williams was just fun to draw. Then I tried a whole different technique when I was drawing Heath Ledger as the Joker. I approached it on my IPad more in the way that I used to do Portraits with Oil Paints......

Well..... make it Almost every day. An extra picture almost every day in January. I missed a few days here ~ So many distracting activities demanding my attention. I felt glad when I got back to this project.

I came back and drew Leonard Nimoy and Alan Rickman.

Then I drew Gene Wilder on the IPad. What to draw for Gene Wilder felt so obvious. He's such a character-actor. I just had to choose what age to draw him. So I enjoyed using an expression of his as a young man ~ imposed onto his old man face. That was fun.

I feel glad that my personal January project gets me to revisit this post. I like the Caricature of Gene Wilder ~ It's not too heavy. But I didn't pay particular attention to my new insight about letting the picture breathe. I hope I will approach my next picture with Conscious Intention to throw Air throughout the process. As a Drawing Exercise.

Well.... I feel like I was a little airier when I drew Adam West. I used sort of a painterly block-in technique ~ still trying to adapt that to my IPad. Because I haven't yet been able to create a brush in ProCreate that is hard edge on one side but soft edged on the other side. Hmmmm..... maybe I'll work on that this year. But for now, my extra project is to create a carry-case for the new go-to Lighting Set-Up that I'm designing for gigs. Besides this January Random Celebrity Thing.

Did I really stay up late at night drawing Batman?? I'm a grown up woman! How does this happen??

Next day ~ quick David Carradine with any ol' supplies i have around here. It's hard to find time for extra drawing, but Art doesn't mean agony. I am just trying to do Something (almost) every day in January. Whatever I feel like in the moment.

Gotta be cool....


Get hip....

Get on my track....

Then I had a trip drawing #Bruce #Lee. I planned on doing a painterly thing with my IPad (I got that new brush! It's called Abbie's Watercolor Wet Glaze Hard Edge), but I felt disappointed when the Celebrity that popped up was Bruce Lee. I didn't feel like drawing Bruce Lee. So I decided to just do a quick one with the old markers that I have here.

But once I got started, as would be expected, I liked drawing him afterall. And I tapped into something I had been taught many years ago ~ about drawing several SMALL thumbnails with all different decisions to determine which one works best before jumping in. Not a usual approach for a Party Artist like me, so I hadn't thought of that in a long time. When I went to draw the 'ears' , it would have looked ridiculous to line them up with the nose. And I thought, ahah, if I had done those thumbnails, I would have known to make the nose shorter.

So after I finished this long-nose Caricature, I took out another paper and started drawing Bruce Lee short-nosed. Figuring to use that as an opportunity to let his chin get longer. Oh my goodness ~ that was a Bad idea. It looked like a gave Bruce Lee a Jay Leno chin. Didn't look anything like him. So I moved the chin line up, and then he looked like a little child. Moral of the story is that I am the sort of person who usually does best with her first impression. I was meant to be a PARTY Artist.

BTW, I did extremely litl of a very light red predraw on my picture of Bruce Lee. I just decided to go back into it with the red again After it was all inked and shaded ~ I wanted to see pre-draw-type lines on it on purpose. I would have thought that breathing-space would always mean Less lines in a picture. Unfinished lines. But in this case, it needed More lines. Because the black lines were too simple to have enough motion/movement. So I had to Add more lines with the red. Red? For light and airy? Who would have thought.... But it worked. Real Artwork is more about Feeling than Knowing the answers. I had studied serious Controlled Paintings ~ Photo-Realistic ~ in order to be able to 'dance' with the picture:

Aaaahhh ~ Let's look at the whole month's project all together:

CARICATURE Entertainment in New York, Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County.....

You can click on some pictures in this blog to see them larger.
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