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Posted Dec 2018

Warming Up for my next scheduled Event. I will be drawing Caricatures at The Home for the Aged.

I like that. It's easier to find what to draw in Faces of the Elderly than in Faces of Babies. I know what I'm doing, so I jumped right in and drew a Practice Caricature. Good thing I did that ~ because it reminded me to Always do Warm Ups Before Drawing. It felt nervous ~ looking back and forth for practically Each line.

Scribbling around, I ran out of my easy Cardstock Paper, so I switched to that Glossy Paper that I'm stuck with here. That was just what I needed. Can't predraw on Glossy Paper. My pictures became much more Expressive. They felt easy and fun to draw. And when I'm having fun, im more likely to be able to bring my audience along for the fun. And that's one of the best things I can do at a job.

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