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Party Artist

Posted Sep 2018

Being a Party Artist is not the same as just being an Artist. A Party Artist not only creates the Designs ~ She also has to do what her Client tells her.

As an Artist, of course I prefer Events where I am encouraged to create magnificent Designs fitting all sorts of body parts. But sometimes that isn't appropriate. In this case, my Client ~ who had ordered the Freehand Tattoos ~ wanted just a Simple little something ~ perhaps just on their hand ~ so they can feel real cool while they did other party activities. And the Party Room was kept Dark. So I came prepared to do What My Client wanted.

I brought small lights so I could see in just my little area. And I only offered Simple choices to the Guests. They had a great time. My Client had the Party of her dreams. And I feel confident that the Guests Enjoyed the Tattoos the next day(s ~ in the Sunshine) as well as during the Party.

Yes ~ I like to create magnificent designs. And I also like to fit in with the Party

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