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Posted Apr 2019

The guy was looking for a Comedian. I said "My Caricatures are Funny." He hired me. A Caricaturist's dream. But what to draw? Can I force 'Funny'?

To see how it might go, I Googled 'Faces of 30 year old men', and I chose the first picture I saw as a Reference. Because, as you can imagine, the people who post their Photos online are usually presenting themselves as Manly ~ these Faces could probably be used for the Cover of a cheap Romantic Novel. And I tried to impose 'Funny' on it. Hahaha ~ I'm laughing already. That's a Funny thing to do ~ not exactly standard Internet Entertainment. But here I am. And that's what I did .

But ummmm.... I have to draw Funny? I just draw what I see. It frequently comes out Funny because well, Sometimes things strike me as Funny. Sometimes it happens as soon as I see the Face ~ Sometimes it just Happens as I'm drawing along..... But sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes nothing strikes me as Funny. I can't control that. I can't Make it happen. Caricature doesn't mean 'Funny'. And it doesn't mean 'Pretty'. It just means 'Exaggeration.'

I tried to Make Myself see it as Funny. What could I do that would be Funny? I jumped right in and drew the first picture here. IglyAngulyAghkGakGak. I got myself in check. "Don't draw so Scribbly, Alison'.

Then I tried it again. The 2nd one is much better. Even though I did not see it as a particularly Funny Face, I managed to make it a Funny picture.

I like the picture. But I feel that ~ by forcing myself to come up with Funny ~ I took away any chance of it happening Naturally. Took the Fun out of Funny

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