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Wider Fashion Sketches

Posted Sep 2018

Well blow me away ~ This was Fun.

Today is Wednesday. After midnight, so officially actually Thursday already. And I was just told that Friday's FASHION SKETCH Event will be for Fuller Figured Women.

So I figured that a quick way to check it out would be to go back into the Fashion Sketches that I recently posted on August 29, 2018 ~ to see how I might draw them as Larger Women. This was my First Pass at it. Still much to work on ~ and I figure that they wouldn't be wearing This particualr outfit ~ but oh just thinking about how to do this is So Much Fun! I feel So Interested.

I'll have to see just how far I should go with this stuff. And get my head back into the approach that I was tapping into on August 29th. Because this is the Event that ordered "Not too Cartoony".

still.... just with this first attempt, I'f feeling like I want to try Thicker Legs. Maybe bigger solider hands. Oh so much to do for a Serious Artist

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