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Face Painting Roses

Posted Jun 2018

I usually keep my Facepainting posts for facepaintingexpress.blogspot.com , but this one lands on that photographing conundrum which affects All my Party Art. Caricatures and Fashion Sketches and Freehand Tattoos as well as Face Painting.

Dreaming up designs for my upcoming 4th of July Face Painting events, I got carried away practicing Roses. Not sure yet how I'm going to adapt these into Independence Day designs, but it is just soooo satisfying to create roses.

Then I went to Photograph what I painted. So I can post it here online. And immediately ~ my phone's camera confronted me with almost 10 choices of just how I can initially Take the photos. Got to choose at least one of them. That's hard ~ because they each have their own attractions. And none of them look exactly like what I painted. Photographs never look exactly like the original Art.

I took a few of them to show you here. It's all of the exact same painting.

I can't just study these and choose which type of photo would always be best. Each different time and each different location has different Lighting. Which also strongly affects the many photos that the camera offers.

So I just snap photos ~ any photo. Because I have so many other concerns about performing at events. It feels tempting to perfect every aspect of everything we do, but we have to decide where we're going to spend how much effort. And no matter which photo I choose to take, it will be better than what we had available to us even a few years ago.

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