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Posted Oct 2018

Took out my IPad this evening. I haven't used it in a couple of weeks.

Just playing around with some Thumbnail Sketches that I made last night. I continued with one of my Thumbnails to this Caricature's Linework on my IPad. It's good to be back! Event coming up This Week.

But I was troubled by lag today. The line appeared almost 1/2" away from my pencil-point. That never happened during an Event. It doesn't really affect anything except how the Artist feel ~ and that's Me!

Reminded me of the little surprises that come up when using the Digital Equipment. So I'm glad I took the time to warm up to the Activity while I still had time to trouble-shoot.

Alone in my Studio at the moment, I tried to figure out how to fix the lag. When I tried the 'streamline' feature, it made it quite a bit better. So satisfying. I feel accomplished.

Update: a New Product came out ~ Paperlike ~ to change the feel of drawing on the IPad. Just started scribbling IPad Colors on this Caricature Outline.

I like to draw with the Paperlike thingy. And I also like to draw directly on the IPad without the Paperlike thingy. But it can't easily come on and off. So I have to decided whether or not to keep it on my Main IPad (which is all set up the way I like it).

Never a dull moment

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