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Kick Up Your Heels ~ Draw At the Party ~ Time to Fly!

Posted Sep 2020

It's great to be back. Here are a few of the Caricatures that I drew at a Recent Party. Adult Woman's Surprise Birthday Celebration! Ipad Caricatures

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The Evolution of an Artist

Posted Jan 2020

Oy vay ~ This is me Simplifying. Because I felt like I drew slower than usual at a recent Party. I didn't feel like the Guests could tell, but I could. I don't like that feeling.

The Short Story ~ directly to the point. That's what I like to do.

Getting ready for my next Event, I felt inspired by an earlier post here at this blog ~ in which I developed into some really Fine Exaggerations when I bounced off a Simplified start. So I decided to make some quick simple Caricatures.

But it's different here in the Studio than it is at an Event. So this is what happened.

First I redrew this man. Quickly. Just the answers. Yes ~ I'm on a path.

Then I redrew this man. It's fine. It would work. But it isn't nearly as good as the one I drew at the Party.

That's okay. It is what it is. I draw what I draw. Every moment different. Just like every day that I go out jogging, I have a different experience. Drawing often, just like jogging often, does keep me Skilled.

Then I redrew this lady. At the Party, I drew a rectangle of head continuing right into neck. Now I decided not to try so hard. To get off my high horse and do a quicker humbler direct approach. I like this one better, but I still wish I made it more lively:

So I started drawing her again. This one is no good

Aaah. This next one is good. I feel like the recipient would feel pleased/happy. That's what I want to do. To make people happy. Yet still hanging on to what they Realistically look like. I want to help people like their Real traits:

Then I redrew this lady. Simply. Plainly. Almost as badly as a beginner artist might do. Almost. But still ick. Why would anyone want That:

So I redrew it again. Oh this one is just Funny. Gotta admit that it's good. Great Fun for a Party. It's Not insulting ~ because of course nobody can look like That (without even a top-lip). I'm not here to Flatter people. I'm here to help them have a good time. With me around, you don't need drugs and alcohol to loosen up and laugh:

Then I redrew this lady. Oh this picture is Painful

Started it again. Nope. I missed:

Drew it again. This one works. Got it. And the picture looks


Oh this man's Caricature came out great at the Party. So why do it again? Why? Why? Well, because I feel differently tonight. And I want to draw tonight. It's not like we draw a great Caricature and it is Done. Just like every day we get older and we develop our maturity, we develop our insights about what it means to live and die, we also develop our Abilities every day. Whether we develop our abilities to relate to others or we develop our abilities to draw Caricatures, it has to be put into action in order to exist.

So here I am redrawing a perfectly good Caricature, and this time uch, trying too hard. Abandon ship!

I redrew him again, and Wow! Simple and great. Without worrying about pleasing others, the right answers just came out. Even though the one I drew at the Party was excellent, this one is even better!

Then I redrew this woman. Clunking along, simply filling in the answers, got to the Shading, and Oh! Oh no! If you don't choose to leave the frenulum showing in your picture, do Not Color the upper lip of a woman Darkly.

......well, actually, this might have worked if I stuck with it. Maybe if I continued coloring the rest of the skin, the upper lips wouldn't look so dark. I'll just put it aside for now. Maybe I'll get a chance to try that out some other time:

I tried it again. Simple answers. A pichur. But who needs it? This picture is not inspiring

oh forget it. I'm tired ot drawing. I'm just going to go for it.

Aaah. This Caricature is not as evolved as the one I had drawn at the Event ~ not as many Details ~ not as careful Modeling Shapes ~ but it is where I want to be. A Wide Awake answer

Good Night

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I don't Have To be Great all the time

Posted Dec 2019

Getting ready for tomorrow'sEvent (that would be Today already). I figured I would draw a Plain Direct #Caricature because I will be working with other Artists who kinda 'fill in the blanks'. I used a photo from my website as reference ~ a woman I had previously drawn At a Party.

No predraw. No fuss. No thinking. No jumping in to the interaction. Takin it easy.

But there's always something that catches me. This time, I figured I would pay more attention to Values when I was Coloring it. I wanted everything Colored so the Whites would stand out as White. Here's what I learned from my experience:

  1. You don't have to work so hard at an Event. They want it Quick, and my regular Color Application would have been fine. Would have been much Quicker. Even though it wouldn't have empahsized the Whiteness of the Whites.
  2. Egads ~ I went for something unusual with the 'Eyes'. I wanted to show the Darkness that I see in the reference photo. Not a good idea. It looked awful. But the show must go on. So what did I do? What did I have here? Oh, just a Wite-Out Roller. That worked.
  3. Never Never ever Color the Teeth with the skin-color. Even though I used a lighter touch with it on the teeth. No.
  4. And the rest was all fine. I didn't have to Size it specifically for Her attributes. I could just fit in whatever fits in. Probably nobody can tell if I am IN the experience or if I am jus dwawing a pichur. So I can change my intensity based on whatever I feel like doing. For myself.
Event Entertainment for PARTY PLANNING Ideas in New York, Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County.....

You can click on some pictures in this blog to see them larger.
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When people want to Change what I do

Posted Oct 2019

One of my upcoming gigs is a little different than usual. I was hired to Photograph the Guests for 1/2 Hour, and then spend 2 Hours drawing Individual Caricatures based on my Photos ~ while the Guests will be attending a lecture in a different room. I don't expect to get much animation in the pictures ~ not only because I am Not a photographer, but also because it's supposed to be a quick tap on my phone.

My Client also said she would most likely want a Tame style like she saw me do at a recent Party. Oh dear ~ I hope I'll remember how I swung into that request previously. I remember feeling surprised with how comfortably successfully I was drawing at that previous Event. But it was done in person ~ Not from photographs that time.

So okay. This probably won't be too hard, but I'll have to Produce. So I grabbed Reference Photos at random to practice. To warm up before the Event.

I planned on timing myself as I did the Linework on each one ~ keeping it moving ~ and then going back in to each one with Shading. But that didn't happen. As usual, once I start doing something, issues come up which change what I'm interested in.

The first one I drew ~ 2 and a half minutes of linework ~ that one looks like the reference photo. Not too strong of a likeness, but it would get a good laugh because I easily picked up on unique things that his face does.

But uhoh ~ I'm not sure about how it would go over at the Event. Because my Client had said Tame, and the people wouldn't Be there for me to guage their responses and adjust myself as I go along. It is very Tame and simple to me, but I don't know if my Client meant Generic when she said Tame. So I drew it again.

The 2nd one I drew ~ also 2andaHalf minutes ~ trying to tone down the expression ~ perhaps make it a little more angular ~ that one doesn't look anything like him. And it's still not 'Flattering', aka nothing too interesting. This approach definitely will Not do.

So I tried the same reference photo a 3rd time. Staying Generic, and also Changing the strong action of his Eyes. Aaaand ignoring the nose-lines that pull into the forehead . Lol ~ that one looks most like him but who would want it? So boring. What sort of effect would it have on me to draw like that for 2 Very Focused Hours Oh. And I didn't even remember to Time this one. Because I probably spent more than 2-and-a-half minutes just looking at it and trying to figure out what else I could do with it besides what I actually See. And I also used a slight Predraw on this one. Only on this 3rd one.

and the studies go on.....

Continued: Okay. I'm feeling very ready and happily confident for drawing the Caricatures at the upcoming Party where I will be drawing from Photographs. I feel like it's going to b easy-peezy Fun afterall.

I had been feeling a little wobbly because my Client set up the Entertainment much differently than is usually done. So I practiced at home to make sure of my approach.

I had felt confounded with the first one I drew ~ I thought it was because the Client made me feel like I would have to control it too much. I tried the first one 3 times.

But apparently, I wasn't the problem. The difficulty with the first Caricature was just because that One was a difficult one. All the rest went bip-bip-bup. If anything, the reason I stopped my easy pace was because my mind started wanderng. It's like 3am here already. Long day.

I hope I will be allowed to go through all the Photos as linework this way, and then go back into them with shading.

Event Entertainment for PARTY PLANNING Ideas in New York, Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County.....

You can click on some pictures in this blog to see them larger.
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