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How to Find out What's Needed

Posted Mar 2019

I'm not sure of what to forecast for an Upcoming Party. But what I am sure of is that there will be some Teenage Boys there. So I decided to draw some teenage boys. I used random photos that I found online for reference.

Can you imagine my surprise when I saw how awkwardly they came out? Ick:

Good thing that I practiced first at home so I caught that. So now I remembered to Look at what I'm Drawing while drawing it. And to draw the Face before considering whether or not I want to include other things:

I'm not expecting many people at this Small Party. So I want to feel ready to swing into Body/Hobby ~ just in case. I discovered that different things work on different days. Tonight I did not like going Near the old fashioned bighead/littlebodies. I did much better to just draw the Face, and Then add in whatever part of a body/hobby fits in the space that is left over.

Note: I sure don't shy away from the difficult ones ~ I don't look for Reference pictures of people who have something easy to Caricature. It keeps me comfortable to handle any person who shows up at the Party:

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