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The Unhappy Mermaid

Posted Sep 2018

Darn it. I have to go to sleep already. So I can handle tomorrow's Event. But I want to Draw Draw Draw. Still on Mermaids because it is required for tomorrow's Party.

This time I decided to forego the upper body. Just go right into the Tail. Then I decided to keep it black and white. A black and white mermaid.

and how about sticking this Unhappy Mermaid under the water altogether ~ unable to get where the sun is. I figure that could be a good reason why she's sad. Not that water is bad ~ but being Confined ~ unable to move out of your place ~ that could make a Mermaid sad.

I just wish I didn't let the sun shine through onto the bottom of her tail. I feel like that diluted the message. But that's how it is with direct unedited work ~ done with Markers and Color Sticks that canNot be erased. The immediacy of this approach is excellent for capturing action or emotion ~ It's just cooler than overly edited overly controlled pictures. But it also has a downside. Like in this case ~ the yellow. I wish I didn't put the yellow onto the bottom of the 'tail'.

and i feel happy because it's imperfect.

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