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Thin Marker

Posted Mar 2019

Oh my goodness. Overwhelmed by an overAll sense of Loneliness tonight. I had planned on taking out thinner markers to draw Communion Girls in respect of my next scheduled Event, but I ended up watching a YouTube about Loneliness. So the first one I drew was the You Tube guy I was watching.

He really was that rectangular. But I don't like the busyness of the thinner marker. On him.

Then I felt ready to draw another. For Reference, I used a Girl who was holding an old Fashion Sketch that I drew at a Store Event several years ago. Just felt like keeping my marker moving. To see what happens when I use a smaller marker than usual. Because I wondered if the finer marker might be... well... finer ~ for the little girls that I would be seeing at a Communion this weekend.

In the first Caricature that I drew, I purposely Chose to ignore a 'rule' that a friend taught me many years ago ~ that no matter what I see, don't draw little children with big chins. Not too bad, well, maybe. If I was using my Regular Marker ~ but ick this picture looked stiff.

Tried it again ~ smaller chin ~ but something is off.

Two more useless Starts. I gotta stop trying so hard.

Yes ~ then I finally loved the last picture I drew here (the one with the Brown shading). A+

I used the thinner marker. I drew a little Body/Hobby with this picture ~ which is not needed for my upcoming Event (Yay). Wondering if I would feel pleased with the Caricature without the Body/Hobby. Because the thinner marker ~ finer being good for her fine features ~ doesn't have the pizzazz that I like for my pictures.

What am I doing? Drawing Girls? Or Drawing Pictures?

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