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Children's Temporary Tattoos are also good

Posted Jul 2019

Temporary Tattoos ~ I usually create my own designs ~ to fit each individual person ~ on the spot ~ right there at the Party. FREEHAND. But sometimes I'm hired to apply the READY-MADE Children's Temporary Tattoos. I used to think Only very young children could enjoy those things. But that's not the case anymore. I am now able to bring some pretty nice designs ~ that can even delight adults. It's fun to choose which ready-made design you want.

They're still not as glamorous and edgy as the Freehand Temporary Tattoos that I create with a brush, but there is also a place for these Ready Made 'Childrens' Tattoos (which are also a surprisingly great experience for Adults too)


I felt most surprised that I've been doing Approximately 30 Children's Temporary Tattoos per hour. That is a perk. Because even though they're not as glamorous as the Freehand Temporary Tattoos, a lot more 'Childrens' Tattoos can be created in an hour.

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