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Honing My Style

Posted May 2019

Uh-Oh. Just a few hours before that Special Needs Prom, I decided to practice, and oh ~ this is what came out. Cute for sure, but I don't feel like this is what they're looking for this time.

It was coming out like this because I wasn't On my usual 'game'. I've been revamping my approach. So many different ways to approach a Caricature. I decided that I like to keep them Simple, but Also Exaggerated. I don't want to give up that Exaggeration that is the mark of a good Caricaturist. Without Exaggeration, without taking chances, I don't feel like a person can rightly be called a 'Caricature' Artist.

I was honing my Approach because I wanted to draw like the 4th picture here. That was my goal this time.

Aaaahh. I finally did it. It's a good thing I practice before I show up. Smoothing out the rough edges. Now I can draw Either way:

Aaaah. Aaaah. To cement this approach, I just swung into these next few pictures. I feel like I'm ready to go to work now:

Event Entertainment for PARTY PLANNING Ideas in New York, Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County.....

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