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Difficult to Do But Worth It

Posted Jan 2017

This was difficult to do. My Client designed a Party about Lips for her Young Ladies. She hired me to draw Caricatures ~ with 'Big" Lips. Okay. But not everyone Has big lips. I explained to her that I would Focus on the Lips, but not everyone has Big lips. Caricature isn't to Change the person ~ it's to Accentuate what's already there.

It was the perfect party for this age-group. I think the girls were about 12 years old. My client provided them with Candy Lips and all sorts of things like Lip-Shaped Cookies (Fun! to put sweet Lip Shaped Cookies on your Lips). And my Caricatures.

It felt difficult for me to Focus on Lips ~ like it's not hard enough to know what to focus on to create each good Caricature. But it worked. I was able to do it and also Entertain the Party Guests at the same time. They even got involved in Singing along Fun Sounds to my Marker Strokes as well as the posing and laughing. What a wonderful place to be. What a wonderful time in the Girl's lives.

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