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A Whirlwind !

Posted May 2016

I had a Fantastic weekend. Funning from one activity to the next.

First I did FREEHAND GLITTER TATTOOS at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter (on people, of course), then I ran to my 2nd event of that day to draw CARICATURES at a Communion Party, a few hours to sleep and recoup, and I was out to do FACE PAINTING at a 4-year-old's Birthday Party. I had all my Supplies ready-prepared for each event, so I knew I would be prepared for everything, and I was especially thrilled that all these years of experience made me able able to switch gears for each performance successfully.

Look at the fantastic email that my Client from the Communion Party sent me. CARICATURES:

Alison I can't thank you enough for you're amazing work and for your patience with my guests. You are so accommodating and absolutely brilliant! Love your imagination ! Thank you again so much! Roxanne Thank you Roxie

Thank You Roxie for taking the time to make sure that I feel appreciated. Which I certainly do. It all feels so Wonderful.

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