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Expanding Our Views about Love

Posted Jan 2015

When a client gives me a lot of instructions, it's sort of like working out a puzzle. This client, for instance, gave me some unusual instructions for his Marriage Proposal. I could feel that he was definitely excited, happy, full of Love for his Lady. But the things he wanted were not trite fill-in-the-blanks for Romance. I wanted to see his excitement from His point of view. Not tell him what he Should be wanting.

Before he flew in from England, he ordered his Proposal Caricature ~ planning on proposing at the Falconer Statue in Central Park. He gave me the following instructions for his Picture:

It's be be Fun. Romantic. Stand-out-ish. To resemble Them And NYC. Across the bottom, it's to say: their names New York City 27th December 2014 He's to be wearing Velvet Slippers (very important). No Socks. White Shirt. Bright Pink or Purple Sweater tied over his shoulders as in the reference photo. He wants them wearing what they normally wear. That would be sexy clothes for his Lady. Note her Eyebrows. AND AND he wants me to Include The Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building AND AND King Kong!

Whew ~ No short order. How to do this? How to do this? Should I show them in a Bubble? Clear and protected, with a dark smashing scary city around them? No. That's not the City he would be experiencing. They're flying in from England, and staying at a quite upscale hotel. Expecting a sparkling good time. Here's what I came up with:

based on these Reference Pictures:

But then, Oh. Change in plans. They will not be here for the Proposal afterall. Client asked if I could email him the picture. So he would get it printed up in UK in time to propose on NYE.

Took me a bit to figure out what he was talking about. UK ~ that's United Kingdom. And NYE ~ that's umm, maybe I'll look it up later. I photographed the Caricature, sent it to myself in an email, downloaded it onto my Desktop, and Imported it into PhotoShop from the Desktop. So I could crop the background of my Studio off the photo.....

But then, when I opened his email to 'Reply' with the picture, I realized Oh. NYE. That's New Year's Eve! Uhoh ~ I'd better contact him. Because he had had me write December 27 in Ink.

We decided that I could just make the change on the emailed version. By doing it in PhotoShop.

On my New Computer. I had been given a much needed new Computer for my Birthday. It's a sleek new Mac. Much different than the PC I had been using. At the time that I had to handle this client's change in plans, I wasn't yet completely comfortable with my MAC. At the bare hint of a touch, pictures became transparent and the windows combined with each other. I had to do my own 'on the job training', so to say.

I flipped around the options, and I found a place where I could change stuff. Hmmm, I'll change this, I'll change that, I'll set it up this way best...... Success ~ I can now keep the pictures in separate windows in PhotoShop on my Mac.

But now what. My activities must have affected the Computer's ability to import pictures from my Printer into PhotoShop. I had written 31 on a separate piece of paper, planning on Moving it into place on the Caricature, and just covering up the New York City part. But it did not pop up in PhotoShop when I 'Import Picture from Device'. And it didn't show up in Documents, Downloads, or Desktop either.

I spent Hours trying to figure out how to Import Pictures from my Printer (Scanner). My client expects the picture to be emailed right away. It was finished on time. All I had to do was email it to him. What to do ~ What to do for my heart-filled Client ~

Aha! I hadn't yet done much with PhotoShop on my new Mac yet. But I quickly figured out how to add Text and affect it. Here's what I finally came up with:

It has a different 'flavour', but it was extra work that I was doing. Not part of our official Agreement. I figured out how to Import the Pictures later ~ on my own time. For now, this represents the experience. And isn't that what Art is supposed to do anyway?

Done. But then I had no job for December 27, 2014. A very busy time of year, but I had previously turned down a Couple of requests because I was committed to the arrangements I had made to handle this Studio Caricature in person. So, kinda time off. I ended up sitting in Starbucks with my IPad and my Client's reference pictures. I decided to Surprise him with a free Bonus picture. To help him deal with his feelings about his Girlfriend's changed plans. And to perfect' my Party Style Digital Caricatures at the same time.

I worked in Layers. First Layer was an Underdrawing:

On top of that, I did the Linework:

Here it is when I deleted the Layer with the Underdrawing:

Then I put in the home-colors:

I liked that. It's my style. I might even prefer it at this point ~ before the shading and the highlights and the extra playing. Easy on the eyes. Peaceful. But the following picture does make more of a Statement about the situation. So I felt happy to send it to my Client. An Engagement Gift from his Artist in NY.

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This was a First

Posted Jan 2015

What an amazing day I had. It's when we deal well with problems that we can come out the other side so thrilled.

I'm glad I give myself plenty of time to get to my events. Because the small Park which my Client had chosen ~ hidden in a busy area of midtown Manhattan where they also had a lot of scaffolding ~ difficult to find. I walked in circles around several blocks, finally found the place.

Still plenty of time to Set Up my easel and...... Ooop ~ someone who worked at this public place told me that I could not set up an easel there. Not allowed. I showed him the pre-arranged Proposal picture, but he still wouldn't allow the easel. He agreed that I could sit at one of the little tables to draw....

and no sooner than I took down the easel, I saw a beautiful couple come by to take in the scene. If I was just looking for people who looked like the photos that my client had sent, I would not have thought that this was my couple. They didn't look anything like 'their photos'. But my client had told me that he would be wearing blue jeans and a gray top. And this man was wearing blue jeans and a gray top. Right here. At the exact spot beside me. At the exact time that my couple could have shown up.

I felt disappointed that they did not look like their picture, but what could I do? I introduced myself and asked if they would please model for me to draw their picture. As if I wasn't feeling shaken already ~ barely set up after handling a sticky situation and then seeing that they didn't look like the Studio picture I had drawn ~ the man who worked there came over and asked if they were the ones who were getting engaged. This is supposed to be a surprise! This never happened before. Now I know to recommend going elsewhere if another Client actually finds this hidden Park someday.

I hoped she didn't hear his question. I quickly said "I'm just an artist. Just drawing a picture." and I turned my attention to the couple.

I don't usually draw anything while officiating at a Proposal. I just pretend ~ while I choreograph their experience ~ Standing Up. With Energy. But this drawing board with these little tables ~ the couple could see what I was drawing. So I just started drawing. And I felt better. I'm always happy when I'm drawing.

Done. I unveiled the hidden Caricature that I had previously drawn in the Studio. But the woman said "That's not the picture you drew. I want the picture I just saw you drawing."

Egads ~ Apparently she doesn't even recognize them in the Proposal Caricature. Could she be turning him down??? This never happened before. This was really a first.

"They're both for you," I said. "Really." And I said "You're probably confused because I didn't finish this picture yet. I need your help." I handed a marker towards the lady, and I asked her to fill in the talk bubble. She refused to take it. She refused to draw on 'my picture'.

She was really turning him down. I couldn't believe it. The guy was so nice. He had planned this months ago. They came to me after going ice-skating and they were planning on going to the museum afterwards and he was even going to surprise her by having pre-arranged for their Parents to meet them at a restaurant afterwards. He was so easy to work with. He loved her and wanted to show her such good things.

It looked like he was about to take the ring out of his pocket, but then he moved it back into his pocket. They were going to leave ~ unengaged. She said that they had only gone out on a few dates so far.

Is this it? My Proposal had never been turned down before. I felt so bad for 'my client'. I gave them hugs as they left with their quickly drawn picture. I tried to slip the Proposal Caricature into the bag, but she refused to take it. Really.

After they left the park, I texted my client. I felt so bad for him. I focused completely on what to write. Such a loving man ~ I didn't want him to give up on Love. I texted and texted and texted. More.

After I clicked the Send button on my phone, I looked up and saw MY REAL COUPLE sitting at a table Right Next To Me. They looked Exactly like the people I had drawn in the Proposal Caricature. They looked exactly like their photos. And he was looking at his cellphone ~ just starting to read a message.....

"Oh. Oh. Hello," I said. "Oh, I feel so glad to see you. The perfect couple. Oh please let me draw you. I'm an Artist, and I would really feel a lift if I could draw you. In this beautiful spot."

Whew ~ talk about flustered. Now I was drawing at that little table again. Officiating at The Real Engagement when I was emotionally spent. I had just handled an engagement and been Turned Down. At least, that's what I Thought. And barely a breath before I was grabbing papers and drawing with extra chairs all around and between us and...

Okay. Okay. I'm telling myself "Just draw. You still have the ready made Proposal Caricature, and it's just Perfect. And I'M SO RELIEVED THAT THAT NICE WOMAN HADN'T WALKED OFF IT IT!!

The real lady that I was supposed to draw ~ She was delightful. She was happy, although sensing Something ~ what could it be ~ She was happy to be there. Together with her man. And when I showed her the Engagement Caricature ~ when her man enacted his Proposal ~ the tears, the joy, The Acceptance.

I've been smiling and laughing about my day ever since then. So if I'm so thrilled about how everything turned out, I can just imagine the intensity of the Joy that My Couple is feeling.

and I'm wondering about how this affected the extra couple ~ they're also probably laughing over the excitement of the day. And maybe I'll even get a call from Them some day ~ when they're ready to take their Fun Dates to the Next Level.

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Reinventing the Wheel

Posted Dec 2014

Hmmm ~ Decisions. I give it my full attention. I really jump in. Get into the Zone. What to do ~ A Close-Up of 'Ring' with a hint of faces? A Full-Body Pose of the Traditional Proposal Pose? A Larger Scene showing the Setting where the Proposal took place?

In this case, I was reinventing the wheel while I designed a Proposal Caricature to include references to the Park where the Proposal was to take place. But then I honed in on just the Traditional Proposal Caricature afterall. Following my Client's instructions.

Here are pictures of the Park where my Client chose to Propose to his Lady:

Here are the scribbled LayOuts that I designed to set the Proposal in this particular Park:

Here is the final Picture in which I got rid of the 'World', and just focused in on the People:

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Our Proposal

Posted Dec 2014

There have been many Loves before Ours. Everyone who is Married has Proposed this idea to his/her Date. Yet Our Experience is what we experience. Our experience is Our Life. As the song says "I Hope You Dance"

Here is the Proposal that I designed for these two Glowing People. It didn't need anything mundane to distract from the Heart that I sensed from the man who contacted me about his dreams. I will enjoy making his dreams Tangible. See~able.

Here's what I drew ~ Based on these Reference Photos which he sent me ahead of time:

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