Simple Digitals ~ Printed

Posted Feb 2013

Wow ~ I love how they came out.

I finally got tired of the tedious fill-in-the-blanks style that I had been shown for digital Caricatures. I sat back, made a lot of layers on my IPad, but then just used a few of them (sometimes even just one), and I drew easily/freely ~ just going for the most important parts of the Caricature and then playing with the ArtStudio app. Comfortable. Not sure how long they took me, but I know it was less than the tedious crap I had been shown.

The Caricatures didn't end up as accurate a likeness as I'm accustomed to getting on paper, but the impact more than made up for that. I love how they look.

So I went to the next step in my studies for offering digital Caricatures. I printed them out. Looked great even on plain paper, Phenominol on Glossy Paper. I even sized them to leave a border around the prints ~ looks frame-like. Crisp. Dramatic.

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You can click on some pictures in this blog to see them larger.
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