Reinventing the Wheel. Again.

Posted Sep 2019

Time off tonight. I figured I would like to just draw some simple shapes.But I didn't just draw shapes. As soon as I picked up the Color stick, I thought my shapes into face parts.

My background is Realistic Painting, not in Linework. I always started with a Toned Canvas. So I decided to get a slice of brown craft paper to start again.

Not as bad as before, but not as fascile as it should have been. t's hard to imagine how the light falls on such a complicated structure as a face when you have one there to look at with controlled lighting .

It's my experience with Party Caricatures that the toned paper is only used for darker skin-toned people. Even light skinned people also have a skin tone when you're Painting them. They're not White, like White Paper. Maybe it's because we exaggerate when we draw Caricatures, like Light is almost White, so we leave it white? I don't know how it came about. But sometimes it's just easier to do what' expected.

So I started to make up a face. Again on white paper. But I decided to use a midtone color stick for the background. (also not a good idea ~ back to the paper conundrum some day). Anyway, I drew a light/midtone blue around 'the face area' before starting. I guess it's 3-dimensional. I don't really like it, but it will probably have a good effect on subsequent Caricatures that I will be drawing at Events. After I suffer the questions, I make better pictures.

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