Reinventing the Wheel

Posted Dec 2014

Hmmm ~ Decisions. I give it my full attention. I really jump in. Get into the Zone. What to do ~ A Close-Up of 'Ring' with a hint of faces? A Full-Body Pose of the Traditional Proposal Pose? A Larger Scene showing the Setting where the Proposal took place?

In this case, I was reinventing the wheel while I designed a Proposal Caricature to include references to the Park where the Proposal was to take place. But then I honed in on just the Traditional Proposal Caricature afterall. Following my Client's instructions.

Here are pictures of the Park where my Client chose to Propose to his Lady:

Here are the scribbled LayOuts that I designed to set the Proposal in this particular Park:

Here is the final Picture in which I got rid of the 'World', and just focused in on the People:

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