Quick Speed Caricatures

Posted May 2018

I spent 6 hours Drawing Caricatures on a Boat today. Bat Mitzvah. Nothing like it to help me tap into my Best Party Speed. I drew about 14 Caricatures per Hour.

I felt so seasick that it was all I could do to lift my eyes to look a bit at the person I was drawing. And I didn't have the ability to fuss with my pictures either. I'm still ~ even now which is 7 hours after I got Off the boat ~ I'm still feeling woozy. As though I'm rocking back and forth on this desk-chair. Leading backwards with my head. Oh the Boat.

Here is one of the pictures I drew today. It shows the sort of Reactions that these Quick Caricatures get. The Guests had a Great Time! I like that.

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You can click on some pictures in this blog to see them larger.
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