Questioning My Supplies

Posted Dec 2018

I thought I had my Supplies all thought out ~ Many Years Ago. But tonight I noticed that I was uncomfortably not admitting to myself that something uncomfortable comes up when I try to Color a Large Area.

Clients love that I come with Heavy Paper. I have Thousands of sheets already prepared to start the upcoming year. But tonight's Drawing Exercise made me question whether or not that's really such a good choice. Because.... well.... this is what happened.

Tempted to pick up my Supplies even though I didn't have anything specific to draw, I decided to fully Shade a Ball. Basic stuff ~ but I decided to do it more fully than the quick indication that I usually use at Parties and Events.

Oh ick ~ that wasn't looking good. Using the Color Stick on its side ~ the way I usually do at Parties and Events. So I tried making another one using the tip of the Color Stick. That felt too fussy to use at a gig ~ and it didn't look much better anyway.

So I tried it again. And again. Contour lines. Straight lines. Overlapping in different directions. Nothing. Nothing felt good enough. I didn't have a Colorless Blender here (like I would have time to use That at a job!), so I tried to affect the texture by going over it with a white Candle. Ick Ew Ew Uuuugly. I don't like That.

So I decided that strong pressure is the way to go with these Color Sticks. Can't imagine having the Time or enough Supplies with me at gigs for this ~ but I had to try it. I'm on a path. It came out ~ eh. Not looking or feeling Professional.

So I switched to Plain Cheap Computer Paper (oooooh ~ I feel glad that I'm writing here. I just thought of perhaps buying a heaview Computer Paper), and I Shaded a Blue Cucumber (just to be reminded that there's no erasing with these supplies any more than there is smudging). But anyway, I felt aaaahhhh ~ the Blue Cucumber is Shading real nicely and smoothly. I might seriously be better off to ignore the Thousands of sheets of Paper that I already stocked up on to start this year ~ and use Plain Paper Instead.

Happy with the Blue Cucumber, I started shading a Cone-with-a-Hole. Still just basic stuff. And I felt surprised that I had trouble with this. Again, the Shading was not looking smooth. Something I hope I'll look into again later. Later. Some day. But meanwhile..... Look at the Great Shading on these Eyes! Simply done. On the Smooth Paper.

and btw ~ I was drawing on White Paper. As usual, my Fancy Camera-Phone picked up the Yellow Lighting in the Room. And made my pictures look dirty. Oh.

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