Posted Jul 2012

Following are some pictures where my client gave me carte-blanche ~ didn't mention how/what she wanted me to draw. So I did Faces Only. Primarily Black/White. To draw as many people at the Prom as possible. I drew 12 faces per hour. When the picture felt finished with just the face, I moved on to the next Guest. When my picture needed it, I pulled ideas from the Party Theme (Basic Prom) or what was being said by the guests.

I recommend estimating 10 pictures per hour. No telling what will affect the performance. But it's been pretty regular these days that I draw 12 per hour when left on my own like this. And pretty regular these days that I only draw 8 pictures per hour when clients Require Body/Hobby, Theme, or Color to be included on Each Picture. I feel like Clients who ask for less got more. More pictures And a Smoother Happier Party. Just my opinion. Do you agree?

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