Personalized Coloring Books make great Party Favours!

Posted Jan 2018

Give out Custom-made Coloring Books ~ Starring Your Child ~ at the Party! Great idea for Birthdays, Communions, Holidays, and More

I made this Custom Made COLORING BOOK for a Client who planned on giving them out in the Party Bags. But the children, inspired by watching me draw Party CARICATURES, ended up Coloring them during the Party. I know it is fun. My personalized COLORING BOOKS have a sort of charisma. Both this Child Style of Coloring Books which is best colored with Crayons ~ and my much more Detailed Adult Style of Coloring Books which are best colored with Colored Pencils or Markers.

(Of course, I covered up the Child's personal information before posting it here online. In this case, my Client had told me these things about her son. And she supplied me with reference pictures of the Birthday Boy, his brother, his mother, and his dog.)

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