Pencil Caricature

Posted Sep 2019

This is what i did tonight. I chose a different medium for drawing Caricatures so I could use a different approach.

For reference, I used a photo of a Man who had a regular quick fun Caricatue drawn of him at a recent #Party. But instead of using Marker this time, I approached it as though it was going to be a Pencil Portrait.

I wanted to do it because I could get some 'Just Leave me Alone Time' by getting involved in it. Not talking about Other people bothering me, but to get Myself to Leave me Alone. To anchor my brain to this project. We really get involved once we get that pencil moving.

Didn't finish it. Not going to finish it. I don't have to finish it. I like it just fine. But maybe I should have just done it as a Portrait? with No squashing?

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You can click on some pictures in this blog to see them larger.
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