Paintings For Sale


Every once in a while, I just make a Painting that feels so inspiring that I want to see it in several places. Like Online, in my Hallway, my Bedroom, my Living Room, my Foyer, and..... So I email it to myself, go to my local Office Supply Store with the email on my phone, and they use that to make Fantastic Prints. All sorts of Sizes. As small as 5" x 7" and as large as 36" x 48" and sizes in between. It's amazing!

So I now decided to share these Images with you. You can CONTACT ME IF YOU WANT TO BUY ANY OF THEM. PRICED AT ONLY $20 EACH:

Artist Alison Gelbman Email

They will be emailed to you in a larger size (without the Overstamp) as jpegs which you can use Online or you can get them Printed at your Office Supply Store. Whatever you want.

Note: I printed a 24" x 36" yesterday (That was January 15, 2019). At Staples. They had all sorts of different papers I could choose from, and I chose the Glossy Paper. They charged $29.93. But I usually make my own smaller ones there ~ Less Than $1 each!