Painted Caricatures

Two different styles to choose from. Let me know which one you want.

OIL PAINT. Timeless. Forever. I developed a very tasteful technique for Oil-Painted Chiarascuros. Sometimes I do the Oil-Paintings as Chiarascuros like these, sometimes as Expanded MonoChromes - whichever works better for the specific picture. A really tasteful gift for grownups. Looks right framed for traditional decor as well as modern decor. It was difficult to take photos of the shiny Oil-Paint, but this will show you what it is:

Those samples were done on Unstretched Canvas. Order an Oil-Painting, and I'll make sure it's Stretched on wooden bars before it's sent. Serious pictures show that Your Special People Are Important.

ACRYLIC PAINT. Trendy. Bright. Fun. These are really Noticed. Makes a room interesting, exciting, memorable-like-you-can't-help-but-remember. These 2 samples were done on Canvas Boards with Acrylic Paint. One is 16" x 20". The other is 18" x 24".

I developed this style to be Fun. Fantasies. Colors in Space. Liven up the room. Lift up your spirits.

Painted Caricatures are created from Photos. Contact the Artist to get directions on HOW TO ORDER YOURS:


Alison Gelbman
3701 Ruby Lane
Wantagh, NY 11793-1557