No Longer a Problem

Posted Aug 2020

Here's a situation that hasN't been coming up lately. Actually quite a relief. I miss Facepainting. I like to do that. But I wouldn't do Facepainting during this Covid-Pandemic because it is Hands On. Most people know better than to even ask for that.

But back Before the Pandemic, it was not unusual for a Client to order Both Caricatures And Facepainting. That's Great if s/he arranges for the Caricatures First. The Facepainting can confuse what the Caricaturist is seeing.

Not quite so intense in these pictures - the facepainter was quite tame, but you can see some quite Transformational Facepaintings at my own blog, .Sometimes a good facepainting can 'hide' what the person really looks like. Sort of an exaggerated use of make-up.

Looking through some pre-Covid Caricatures today, I came across a few that I drew after Someone Else facepainted these people. I can draw them, but it is more difficult to Caricature people who are already Facepainted. So I appreciate it that it hasn't been happening lately. People have been ordering Only the Caricatures now that the Covid-Pandemic is lightening up. I feel happy to Only Draw on Paper until it's more suitable to Paint on People.

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