My Experience at a Bat Mitzvah

Posted Dec 2013

Here are some pictures that I drew at a recent Bat Mitzvah. I felt like it was a good drawing night. Will post more later.

I liked the look of these first two boys. I wonder if they know how their looks affect the Bat Mitzvah aged girls:

And here they are. The Bat Mitzvah aged girls:

This was an interesting group. The youngest one kept trying to make funny faces ~ as though I needed that :-) I'm glad when guests get excited with the Caricature process, but it does makes it more complicated for me to see what they really look like. So it takes more time to draw people who are partying-it-up. And especially when I'm drawing 5 people on a page (Of course, it takes at least twice as long to draw 2 people, and 3 times as long to draw 3 people..... and 5 times as long to draw 5 people! Especially when all done on the same page. Because I not only have to draw each face, but I also have to relate each face to the others and design a unique composition on the spot). So I ended up rushing through some of the other faces here. BTW, at some Parties, I am hired specifically to draw Everyone on one giant paper. In that case, I am able to see each person individually until the end when I'm finishing up the picture, coordinating everything together.:

I felt curious about this group. Am I mistaken, but are 12-year old girl's bodies getting a lot thinner than they used to be?

These 3 boys ~ so 13 years old. I guess we all go through it. We're all babies, then not babies anymore as we become school-children. Then not school children anymore as we step in towards becoming teenagers. Then not preteens anymore as we become teenagers. And not that anymore as we become....... Ahh, I see the passage of life. That every year there's a new group of 13-year-old boys replacing the ones that are no longer that age.

Wow ~ look at this picture. I never know what's going to pop up in front of me. I felt bowled over by her Power:

And the Red-head. Is there one in every class?

I like this picture :-) Especially how the woman in the picture kept raving about it. She even ran right to my hostess to show her how amazingly wonderful they thought this great amazing picture was. I just draw pictures. So I consider myself so fortunate when a guest is sooooo impressed. Thank You Lady. I'm glad I took this photo so I can remember you:

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