Moving Along

Posted Apr 2014

Still not ready yet, but my studies for Digital Caricatures at Parties are moving along. They're still not as fast as the Traditional Caricatures that I do at Parties, but I actually took strides towards it. I designed my own ready-made quick-palette on my IPad.

This might surprise you, but it actually took me over an hour to draw this first one:

Then, I added shading. Perhaps an additional 20 minutes here:

Okay. That was only my first pass with my new approach. So this next one only took about 20 minutes. Much better, but still not good enough for working Digitally at Parties.

And here is my best try for today. Still not ready to go out with them, but I drew the following Caricature with Shading on my IPad in 20 minutes:

For events, I'm still only offering the Caricatures on Paper. Because I can draw about 10 faces per hour that way. But I'm feeling more confident that I am on the right path to also offer digitals soon.

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