Mighty Mouse, The Lockhorns, and more

Posted Sep 2008

Ever have some idea posted on your wall for years before you get up to it? I sure do.

Last Thursday, I finally got myself out to meet the Berndt Toast Gang. Joe Visichetti had invited me years ago.

No camera! There I was with people that I'd only heard of, and I didn't have a camera. My cellphone (camera) wasn't working for a change - the company said they'd send me a new one in 5-days, but that's a different story.

Anyway, here I was, lunching with the Berndt Toast Gang. No camera, I did what I could. I drew their pictures!

Here are a few of the people I drew:

Dan Danglo. He did Story Boards. Worked for some of the famous studios. Worked on things like Felix thet Cat and Mighty Mouse:

I talked with Dan for quite a while. Found out his approach for quickly getting his ideas to come to life.

And there was Jerry Jurman. He was the first person who welcomed me when I showed up. Jerry has made some of the most excellent photographs:

I wished they had us all at one table. But maybe this was the best. Because you really got a feel for the different personalities at the table. Still, I wish I could have talked to Stan Goldberg (who does Archie) or Bunny - who does the Lockhorns:

And here's a full-figure sketch I did while Roberta Fabiano entertained us:

Makes me feel like I should be going in to something else - like cartoons. But we can get so scattered. I'm happily busy round the clock doing Caricatures, Face-Painting, and Balloons. Sometimes other work when it just lands at my doorstep. I'm good with illustrations, signs, logos, portraits, oil-paintings, story-boards.... But to seriously pursue each thing is a separate career. If I was to do any of them, it would be Illustrations. I naturally love to tell a story with my pictures.

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