Mark Simon's Expressions Book

Posted May 2008

Beautiful weather today. Nice easy day for me - Face Painting in Central Park. Then I came home to this! I knew I gave Mark Simon permission to use the Artwork that I sent to him OVER A YEAR AGO, but I didn't know that I was going to see his fabulous book TODAY.

I found 3 of my pictures in it - between the pages of 114 and 117. It's so funny - He so protected MY copyright that even I couldn't lift the pictures from his book to put them here on my blog. And I'm too busy to start looking through a year's worth of pictures to find the originals here.

Here's some quotes telling about his book.

Quote: Facial Expressions - E-Book

I have been asked by artists around the world to sell a digital version of Facial Expressions that they can load onto their computers. Now it's here.

Facial Expressions Companion E-Book Volume 3 contains over 1,000 all new images, including over 60 works of art.

The first Facial Expressions book has been a best-seller since it came out two years ago. There is no better photo reference book on the market.

Facial Expressions Models

This edition also features a great new gallery, Age Progression. Now you can see how a face ages from being a baby and growing into an adult.

Facial Expressions Age Progression

Galleries include:

Skull Gallery Expressions Gallery Age Progression Gallery Phonemes Gallery Hats & Headgear Gallery Leaning Gallery Pointing Gallery Extreme Close-Up Gallery Art Gallery

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