Male Models

Posted Mar 2008

Artist Frank Zeigler recently told me that he did his curves as angular lines for a man. Gotta remember that, I thought. And I drew:

But I got wrapped up in wrapping the glasses around the head. I guess I forgot to focus on what I was studying.

So I drew this man again:

Then I drew another man. His face was so round. I thought that it was impossible to angular the lines for him. But I discovered that advice need be taken with a grain of salt. When I neeeeeded a curve, I drew a rounded line. But there were plenty of times that I had choice. And by applying the angular-lines-for-male principle, I happily maintained the guy's maleness - which might have been a problem otherwise:

I like this! So I thought 'angular!' again. Drew another man. This is good stuff. My regular pictures with the addition of a new awareness about drawings. I used to prefer to draw women, but now I think I grew up.

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