Mad Magazine Approval

Posted Jan 2010

I've arrived. First, fulfilling my childhood dream of making Coloring Books. Then, working for the Agent that seemed unattainable the first time I asked a Disney-Park Artist how she got her position. And now - Here's a picture with an interesting story. I was drawing a Caricature. Sam Viviano, an editor of


walked by - He stopped in his tracks - "I like that", he said. My heart aflutter - this time I remembered to, as silly as it is, but I swallowed my arrogance and asked him to write that onto my picture.

He did that. I, happily unfocused, then started Coloring the picture that he had just signed. Who would've thought I would have ruined it Then? But, distracted, excited, I totally Wrecked the picture that actually Had his approval written on it. An excellent picture when he saw it (line-work), I don't believe he would have wanted his approval on the finished picture after I messed it up with the Colors. Yeow - what a weird situation:

Well, I went on and redrew the guy. What could I do?:

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