Line Quality

Posted Oct 2018

Playing Scrabble. Waiting for my friend to put down a word already. I'm doodling.

Funny to think that the first picture here ~ the one with the rougher lines ~ might actually be more useful as my practice. Because I've been drawing graceful lines ever since I was a little girl pirouetting. It feels very natural for me to draw like that. But the chunkier lines? I've only been using then for about 10 years now. By practicing them, I'm more likely to switch to this type of Line when I'm drawing Caricatures.

That's why I like to draw in a Real Party situation. No time to think. No time to control very much of what I draw. Yet I feel thrilled about feeling confident. By practicing now, my hand automatically does it when it's needed at an Event.

Event Entertainment for PARTY PLANNING Ideas in New York, Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County.....

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