Last Minute

Posted Mar 2009

Yeow. Client just came to the Studio. Brought me a deposit for TONIGHT.

So much to prepare. And she wants me to draw Outline-Only - because she wants to get as many pictures as possible in the given time.

I don't usually do Outline-Only - It feels more like cranking them out than doing Artwork. But it is an Option I offer.

So now - get ready to draw a lot of Boy Scouts. First I wanted to see what would happen if I choose a Yellow Outline - If Golden-Boy sits in front of me:

Good thing I practice first. I can see that that isn't a good idea. I had to increase the time on that picture by going back in with the black marker. The Yellow didn't show up.

Okay. I hope I stick to Black Outlines. Or Blue. Or Orange.....

But what if someone sits down who has dark skin - Here I'll try one in which I add just a little bit of Shading. Sometimes, you just can't stop with Just the outline:

And............... We're Off!

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