Keep It Simple

Posted 16 days ago

Wow ~ Through the Past ~ back to the Beginning of my Digital Artwork.

I felt like last night's 'Gold' painting looked more like shiny colored Glass. I felt like giving in to some simple, not based on seeing, formula to paint Gold. That needed a Gradient.

No gradient in Fresco. I don't think there's one in Procreate either. So where was that? Where did i used to make Gradients? Photoshop? No ~ I never got in to really Painting in Photoshop. Aha! Back to Art Studio. The very first app that I used to use ~ haha ~ get this ~ i actually used to suffer through Art Studio At Gigs! with those rubber tipped balloony pens.

So now, not only all the choices for Colors and Opacities and other Properties and BrusheS, I realized that we can also jump back and forth through apps.

I pulled last night's background into Art Studio, and I made the simplest Gradient with the simplest hilights and shadows ~ nothing about real reflections ~ and it looks Gold. What I was aiming for.

Lesson? If I'm making stuff up out of my head, Keep It Simple. On the other hand, if im Really Looking at An Object, then I can really notice the surprising nuances that are Really there.

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