Just Go With It

Posted Aug 2019

It's hard to find time to practice. I've been getting more and more serious with my practice, and tonight I felt like it's time to change focus. I felt like it's time to work on my Party Caricature Speed. So even though I felt like my first few practices were too big (when I make Portraits, if I make them larger than my open hand, they look grotesque), I didn't pause to figure out some approach that would make these Caricatures smaller. And before I was done, I got to feeling like these Giant Faces would be fine at an Event afterall. The Bold approach and the Bold Size make an Impact.

What I did was to take several Reference Photos from my website ~ Pictures of People that I already drew at Parties. I averted my eyes so I wouldn't see the Caricatures that I had drawn at the Parties. I just needed some Reference Photos for tonight's practice.

The more details I study, the more predrawing I want to do. But that slows me down at Parties. So I handled tonight's practice with No predraws.

The first few looked/felt amateur to me, but by not stopping to control the sizing, not stopping to get even more controlling, I managed to loosen up and get some decent Caricatures.

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You can click on some pictures in this blog to see them larger.
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