IPad Caricature

Posted Jul 2014

Till trying to simplify my IPad approach, and I came up with this today. Not too satisfied because it was still Too Long for using the IPad at Parties.

Then my computer guy came over and showed me some ideas. Even though the following picture looks like a similar style to the one I just drew above, it actually took me half the time to create. Thank You JG:

Then I went out to an event at Pier 13 in NJ. I drew my regular marker/colorstick Caricatures on paper. When the event was over, I checked that Yes the personal hotspot that I bought for my IPad does work there. I plan on checking this after each gig for a while ~ still so much to get ready before I actually offer the IPad Caricatures at Parties.

Yes ~ my IPad's hotspot did work. And I drew the following picture from a photo reference while I was there. Took me 13 minutes. Getting so much better time-wise. But I still have to get it faster and hone the drawing style. This is what it takes to be a professional. Effort.

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