In My Own Style

Posted Apr 2018

Confidence. Drawing My Own Way. I Am Back!

The way I draw CARICATURES is Naturally Cool. After doing my Line-Quality-Warm-Ups ~ like the ones I sell at ~ I DRAW WHATEVER I LIKE ~ IN WHATEVER ORDER I AM IMPRESSED. Sometimes with a Predraw, Sometimes not. It's whatever I feel like doing. I draw this way to quickly describe my ideas.

Professional Quality comes from my Own Style that has developed by Drawing Thousands of Caricatures. I have to Dance with my Own Body, Sing with my Own Voice, and Draw with my Own Style.

I drew these Caricatures using some Photos from this Blog as References. I did Not look at the Caricatures that I drew at the Events. I just used the Photos so I could loosen up and Enjoy Drawing today.

I'll post them with the Reference pictures tomorrow.

Event Entertainment for PARTY PLANNING Ideas in New York, Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County.....

You can click on some pictures in this blog to see them larger.
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