I'm still at it

Posted Feb 2016

Every day I keep buzzing out with these Pencil Portrait studies. It's like addictive.

Here I was studying ears. And general imposed lighting for making these studies applicable to my experience when I'm drawing Party Caricatures. I handle so many Party Caricatures. Much fun.

But these Pencil Portraits feel like they come alive under my hand. I'm even wondering if it would be helpful for people to hire me to draw Pencil Portraits of their dearly beloved at Funerals. Watching it happen could feel..... oh i don't know the word. It could catch a grieving person's attention and feel...... um..... intriguing? It's hard to describe the experience with words.

Event Entertainment for PARTY PLANNING Ideas in New York, Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County.....

You can click on some pictures in this blog to see them larger.
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