I like myself

Posted Mar 2014

Don't make my nose too big. Caricature Artists hear that all the time.

I wish people didn't say that. Because big noses are beautiful. Embrace yourself. Stand up and be proud. As I do:

I used to think that my nose was too big. I admired the people with cute little pug-noses. So I manipulated my photo to see how I'd look with a cute little nose.

Ooooh. That's ridiculous. I would look like I was in the Grinch family if I made my nose smaller. It's a good thing that I could check it out in a photo before doing anything wild like ick sir-jury.

But just wondering. What if the bottom of my face got smaller along with my nose. Here's what I came up with:

That would look okay. But I still don't think I would look better than the real me with the bigger nose (and the longer face). Not better. Just Different.

Perhaps I should stick to just making people skinny and removing zits. But just one more make-me-look-better try. This time I decided to perk myself up. I made my teeth and eyes and hair just a little brighter. I like this one:

This experiment clearly shows that my nose is not too big. It's just right for my face.

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