I did my homework

Posted Feb 2011

Oh. There I was. With my lights, my easel, my heavy supplies. Carried all through the city, as usual. It's one of the extra parts of my job as Chief, Cook, and Bottle-Washer, if you know what a mean. Freelancing means that I do a lot more than just drawing the pictures.

But, okay. There I was. All prepared as usual. When the manager of the venue decides to set me up where there is no outlet to plug in my lights. A very dark place, he tells me he has a great idea - he'll bring me his small stick-on halogen light - It's extremely bright.

Well, extremely bright yes. To look at. The light is hard on your eyes. But the light does not carry. Right next to the model or right next to the paper, I was distracted by a bright halogen light and I still couldn't what I had to see.

With my years of experience as a Professional Party Artist, I could have been much more comfortable and productive if I hadn't been 'helped' by someone who's never actually Done my job. Of course I've tried stick-on lights (and a whole lot of other stuff) - but I knew it wouldn't work. But I also learned a thing or two about getting along with well-meaning busy people. So I tried to accommodate the manager. He was so nice, and also so insistent on using those stick-on lights. And maybe, I thought, maybe it Would work this time. Maybe I would find something that works even better than the larger lights that I have to carry around.

But once I set up with those little lights, the manager was busy helping other people. Not wanting to be a problem, I struggled throughout the whole party. I don't have a flash on my camera, so most of the photos are impossible to see. Here are the few photos that can actually be seen.

Still, great people, great party:

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