I Can See in the Dark!

Posted Sep 2019

Well.... not really..... although I do try to exercise that..... sometimes. Like I'll try to put away stuff without turning on the lights in a dark room, or I'll try to read without flooding the page with easy-light. I don't do it often, because I don't like to. But I feel like it's a good idea to exercise vision the same way we exercise other muscles. By adding a little difficulty to it.

What I'm writing about here is handling all types of Party situations. Usually the light is okay, but sometimes Party Lighting is.... less than optimal for the Caricature Artist. Like this Party. Where I was drawing in a room with Changing Colored Lights.

Didn't stress me out this time. I finally came with enough lights ~ that I set up most advantageously ~ to be able to draw comfortably. To be able to see the people and to be able to see my drawing board and kinda able to see my color sticks.

I felt amazingly comfortable ~ I finally brought along enough Lights. But the photos, of course, came out fully affected by the colored lights.

A good time was had by All ~ Including the Artist!

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