Posted Feb 2016

Oh What to draw ~ What do draw? The face painting at this event -- somebody Else did the facepainting -- I just drew the Caricatures ~ wasn't good enough to transform the faces; But it is still difficult to figure out what to draw. Sometimes I include my own quick version of the face painting in the Caricature -- Sometimes I try to ignore the face painting part.

I feel glad to help the guests Enjoy the Party, but I do feel like the Caricatures should be drawn BEFORE the face painting. That's the way I always handle it when I'm hired to do Both at an event. I Draw Caricatures for a few hours, and THEN I take out the Face Painting.

But when they're both offered at the same time by two different artists, lol, people are as likely to do the Face Painting first as to do the Caricaturing first. Okay. Of course, I accommodate them. But it is not easy --

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