Posted Jan 2010

I am a fully evolved Artist! I am fine just the way I am. I am me - Who else Could I be? I am not Al Hirschfeld. Or Alex Gard. Or any other Caricaturists whose work hangs in Sardi's. (Where I have, by the way, worked plenty of times - regular parties. my own artwork.) Those people, now gone, might have been asked to draw like Rembrandt or something while they were alive!

Not to say that it doesn't help my development to study the Artists of yesterday. Now, most of the published Al Hirschfeld pictures were drawn and redrawn before they became the pictures we know and love. And they were, of course, not drawn by Me. They were drawn by Al Hirschfeld.

I recently had a request to draw 'Hirschfeld-style' at a Party. I like to accommodate my clients. And it's healthy for my growth to do something different once in a while. So I quickly drew up this sample - the way I might do a 'Hirschfeld-style' in 5 minutes at a Party. I used blue color stick instead of black marker for the large area because it takes a lot less time to draw it that way - and my client is hoping to get a lot of pictures per hour.

I'm actually excited about the job. It will force me to study Hirschfeld. But, I'm writing that I exist too. I am an Artist. I live now. Plenty of people are glad to have a 'Gelbman picture'. Plenty of people like me.

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