Good Speed!

Posted May 2018

I comfortably kept up my Drawing Speed today ~ Even though I was doing Both Body/Hobby And Color. I somehow Simplify when there's this other stuff to include.

The hardest part of doing Body/Hobby is communicating. Frequently the Music is too loud to talk, but that wasn't the case at today's lovely Party. Still though, people just draw a Blank when I ask them what they like to do.

Here's One of the pictures that I drew today. Finally, after the Paaauuusseee ~ while I was drawing the Faces with no idea of what else I would have to include in the picture ~ the girl said "Color. We like to Color."

It was easy for me to swing into Picture ideas. I was 'in the Zone' because I was forwarned that I would be doing Body/Hobby today

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