Go figure

Posted Apr 2019

Here's one of the Caricatures that I drew at the Event where I was supposed to show the little girls as though they were president. It's adorable, and I felt very happy with it.

Very unusual for this to happen to me, but the girl's Mother said it didn't look like her. Go figure.

Since it was only 5 girls and 1 adult for me to draw at this 2 hour Event (also a very unusual situation ~ I usually draw Approximatley 10 Faces per hour), Even though the detailed backgrounds that I was asked to draw took a lot of extra time beyond just the Face, I figured I could grab a moment to quickly draw this 2nd picture just to please this Mom.

But I didn't see what was wrong with the likeness at allI didn't see what was wrong with the likeness in the adorable first picture, so I just drew what I thought the Mother wanted to see in the 2nd picture. My intention is to help people have Fun ~ to encourage them to Be Happy

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